WorkFit is a full service provider of:

Occupational Health Services

Injury Care and Physical Therapy

Independent Medical Exams

Legal Nurse Consulting

WorkFit has the most comprehensive Occupational Health Services and Medical and Legal Nurse Consulting Practice in the Midwest, currently serving over 500 employers, insurance carriers, third party administrators, plaintiff and defense attorneys, and self-insured businesses.


Occupational Health                                Legal Nurse Consultants

                                 Injury care                                                       Records Reviews & Chronologies

                           Physical Therapy                                                           Abstracts and Indexes

                                 Physicals                                                                 Medical Issue Analysis

                        Drug/Alcohol Testing                                                          Case Development

                                Audiology                                                                    Medical Research

                             Back Screens                                                                    Merit Review

                          Exposure Protocols                                                           Discovery Support

                           Fit for duty Exams                                                     Prepare Attorneys & Others

                Functional Capacity Evaluations                                               ID Record Tampering

                          Pulmonary Testing                                                     Identify Pre-Existing Conditions    

                   Respiratory Fitness Testing                                        Assess Issues of Damages & Causation 



Independent Medical Exams

                                                                          Second Opinions

                                                                    Medical Records Review

                                                                     Directed Medical Exams

                                                                        Impairment Ratings


                                                                     Return to Work Releases

                                                                  Deposition or Trial Testimony




Location: 140 S 77th St, Omaha, NE 68114  (at 77th & Dodge)

Phone:  402-934-4535  Fax:  402-934-5939

Hours: 8 am  to  5 pm  Monday - Friday

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